Jay H. Matsushiba

Simon Fraser University


My name is Jay Matsushiba and I am a Master’s student at Simon Fraser University in the Spatial Interface Research Lab.

My research combines Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with environmental science - right now my work is on using VR/AR to improve spatial awareness for drivers in off-road vehicles, like those built by my partners at KXI Wildertec.

I work in the Dulvy Lab as a Spatial Data Research Assistant, contributing through effective visualization of spatial data and trends in conservation biology for sharks, rays, and their relatives.

My vision is to push the field of environmental science and ecology forward with cutting-edge tech to collect, analyse, and interpret data. With climate change, habitat deterioration, and over-exploitation of our natural resources continues, we need good data that is presented in ways that speak to the heart of decision makers.

Currently open for work at the intersection of environmental science, data science, and tech!